Business Growth Mentor

You know you want to ‘upsize your business’ and you would like to grow your sales and improve your margins, but you could do with some help. Working with a Business Growth Mentor, who can advise and support senior management and Board members, can be the catalyst you need to make a difference to your expansion plans. Tap into the extensive knowledge and experience in planning and delivering growth that Bill can bring to your business. Bill will help you UPSIZE your business:-
  • Understand your business
    What is it you want to achieve, in which markets and in what time-scales?
  • Plan your next business cycle
    Does your market research and competitor analysis give you confidence in your expansion plans?
  • Strategically assess your options
    Can you sell more of your existing products? Do you have new products in development? Are you considering partnering or acquisition?
  • Identify your business ojectives and goals
    Are they to increase market share, maximise stake-holder value, grow your bottom line or build a solid orders pipeline? Or are your plans to sell your business?
  • Zero-in on strategies for meeting your goals
    Are you strategically focused on those few key objectives that will successfully turn the needle? Is your sales plan in place and being implemented?
  • Engage colleagues in delivering your strategy
    Are your plans properly resourced? Do you have the right people in the right roles and in the right places? Have they ‘bought-in’ to your plans to upsize the business?