US Navy Submarine Escape

US Navy Submarine Escape

In early 1998 NAVSEA PMS514 led by Michael Holmes set out to change the US Navy’s submarine escape system and Bill Dormer led his team to being selected as their new vendor.

Michael Holmes, Deputy, Fleet Introduction Littoral Combat Ships, NAVSEA PMS505FB: “I have had the privilege to work with Bill for over 13 years. He is honest, detailed and above reproach. He identified areas where his company and my Navy could succeed and have a ‘win-win’ situation benefiting both. I would recommend Bill, his attention to his customers’ desires and his dedication and detail to ensuring his customer is always treated with respect and dignity.”

Although Hale Hamilton were the incumbent legacy equipment supplier to the UK RN, in 1998, NAVSEA’s technical requirements were more demanding. A thorough scrutiny of the Company’s capabilities was undertaken by engineers from the Electric Boat Corporation, spanning almost two years. Throughout this time, Bill and Hale Hamilton’s chief engineer worked tirelessly and consistently to meet and overcome the engineering challenges.

Bill negotiated initial equipment supply contracts with NAVSEA and EBC worth in excess of £5M to equip every submarine in the US fleet. This was the largest single contract in the Company’s 50 year history, putting them in a dominant position in submarine escape that remains today.

Bill went on to negotiate subsequent equipment logistic support contracts with NAVSUP/NAVICP which have been worth £multi-million to Hale Hamilton in the intervening years.

Bill has subsequently secured contracts to supply this equipment to submarine forces in China, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.

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