IBEEC Project

In 2005, BMT Canada approached Hale Hamilton with an unusual engineering problem, which Bill Dormer immediately recognised as a system with similar technical challenges to those posed by his naval customers. But this problem was for a civilian 150-man lifeboat to be used in the Caspian Sea by the Kazakhstan national oil company, who, in a joint venture with Agip would be drilling for gas.

Bill convinced his colleagues that this was a project within the Company’s capabilities and asked for an initial project meeting in London with BMT and their client Agip. The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) were also present. Bill’s presentation was persuasive. BMT contracted with Hale Hamilton, with oversight from ABS, to develop all aspects of the complicated air system design.

Andrew Kendrick, Vice President Operations, BMT Fleet Technology said: “Bill pulled together a technical team which developed an effective solution to a unique problem. I enjoyed working with Bill and appreciate his professionalism and competence.”

The system design was innovative and required close programme management provided by Bill and his team, ensuring the agreed engineering deliverables were met on time and on budget. Mid-project Exxon took over the contract from Agip, requiring Bill and his team to take on additional programme requirements.

The engineering design contract secured by Bill built to a significant six-figure order for Hale Hamilton.