Astute Submarine Valve Consortia

Astute Submarine Valve Consortia

Early in the 2000s, BAE Systems Submarines sought to compete a valuable contract for the then new Astute Class submarine programme. At the time, Bill Dormer was managing the BAE Systems account and having developed a close relationship was offered the opportunity to bid for the complete valve supply against the incumbent Truflo Marine (now a part of British IMI Group).

Bill persuaded the then family owners of Hale Hamilton and its MD Roger Bartlett, that to bid for the total valve package was the right direction for the business and Bill set about bringing together a consortia of ten British valve suppliers who included Shipham (now Wartsila Valves), Worcester Controls (now Flowserve) and Brooksbank Valves.

Jamie Gardner (BAE Systems’ supply chain manager at the time) said: “It was important to us to create real competitive tension in the market to ensure we achieved best value for our customer in the procurement of this very large scope of supply. Bill rose to our challenge and quickly brought his MD on board with the idea of pulling together a consortium of valve suppliers from across the UK to compete with our incumbent supplier. Bill assembled a team with senior valve industry buy-in and their presentation to my procurement team and tender response was first class.”

“I would strongly recommend Bill’s leadership, project management capabilities and commercial acumen to any business.”

Bill successfully brought together the MDs of ten separate valve suppliers in support of a consortia bid valued at over £10M per submarine, marshalling the technical expertise of each and all commercial aspects into one very complex tender. Whilst the consortia bid was ultimately unsuccessful, BAE were impressed and this led to Bill leading his team to win other new business on the Astute Class.