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“We worked with Bill and Hale Hamilton on the development of a pneumatic naval countermeasures launcher. Early on in the programme we sought a manufacturing partner for the valve system. Bill gave us and our customer outstanding service and ended up winning the business to design, develop, qualify and manufacture the valves. Bill is an outstandingly competent, energetic, honourable and committed individual with whom it was a pleasure working.”

Martin Soltau
Senior Business Manager at Frazer-Nash Consultancy

“I have had the privilege to work with Bill for over 13 years. He is honest, detailed and above reproach. He identified areas where his company and my Navy could succeed and have a “win-win” situation benefiting both. I would recommend Bill, his attention to his customers’ desires and his dedication and detail to ensuring his customer is always treated with respect and dignity.”

Michael Holmes
Deputy, Fleet Introduction Littoral Combat Ships, NAVSEA PMS505FB

“Bill has provided outstanding senior level representation for Hale Hamilton. He has good product and application knowledge in the Naval/Marine sector and is a trusted partner in joint development activities. A firm and articulate negotiator, Bill brings absolute integrity to all commercial situations. In lighter moments, Bill is great company. Anybody as well travelled as Bill has a mine of amusing anecdotes or situations encountered. I always look forward to our meetings.”

Paul Westaway MCIPS
Project Procurement Manager at Babcock Integrated Technology